Y’all Get A home Now, ya Hear?

Last Updated on: 8th November 2013, 11:24 am

Oh my god. This looks like a red-neck extravaganza if there ever was one. Good lord. I don’t think you could pile more hickish things in there if you tried. She’s a grandma at 35? She’s living with 8 kids under 12? In a trailer? That she was paying a guy 200 bucks to move using a farm tractor? The guy’s name is Chris “pancake” Meyers? And the sheriff, who only had one deputy on staff, had to deal with the case of an attempted pie-theft? My good god. This looks like it’s some kind of joke. But oh no, no it isn’t. she and her large clan are mobile homeless, their home lying in a pile on some old dude’s front lawn. It would be even funnier if the story wasn’t so pitifully sad.

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