Don’t Deal Doc

I haven’t bothered saying anything about all of this Roy Halladay trade business up until now, but since it’s not going away I might as well. it hasn’t been talked about to death or anything, has it?

The biggest question I have whenever this comes up is why? Why would you trade arguably the best pitcher in the major leagues when your team has been plagued by injuries to the starting rotation and the bullpen all year, not to mention a good bit of last year and probably the foreseeable future? What are you gaining? There’s nothing out there when it comes to pitching that wouldn’t at best be a lateral move. I suppose you could trade him away for a bunch of prospects, but hello, look at the current pitching staff. it’s full of them, and I’m pretty sure there are more where they came from. Rookies are great and you always need to be looking at the future, but you also need something you can hang your hat on right now, and if you get rid of Roy I’m not sure what that something will be. The only guy that comes immediately to mind is Ricky Romero, but he’s still somewhat of a prospect himself and with all due respect, he’s good, but he’s not Roy. Not many people are Roy, which is the problem.

There’s also the idea of trading him for a bunch of hitters. Again, why? Just about everybody in the lineup can hit, as can most of the guys on the bench other than maybe John McDonald, and he’s one of the best defensive players on the team when he gets the chance to show it.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but it seems to me there’s nothing out there that’s worth trading away a Halladay to get,and no good reason to try unless he’s wanting to leave. If you’re rebuilding again you need something to build around, and an ace pitcher is a pretty good start. And if you’re still aiming to be a contender in spite of the current record, then moving him shouldn’t even be an option.

Just to further complicate things, if the choice is made to move him, where do you allow him to go? You sure as hell don’t want to trade him within the division unless you never want to see the playoffs again, and even trading him to another AL team is a bit risky since you’ll still end up facing him a fair bit.

Bottom line is that unless there’s a dire need to cut ties, this is a bad idea and needs to be put to bed right now.

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