Nobody’s Laughing Now

Oh dear dear. The principal may be on administrative leave, but I’m sure, before he left, the teacher who made this whole situation come to light got an earful.

Apparently, the principal wrote a fake letter and it was sent to all the teachers. It was a joke. A bad one, but a joke. The letter mocked students who couldn’t finish their math homework, and made fun of the lengths they had to go to because of peanut alergies. Something tells me this principal is a might frustrated. Here is the letter in its entirety. It’s a scanned PDF, so fellow blinks, if you have OCR, use it. It didn’t give me the best scan, otherwise I would have posted the scan.

Anyway, one of the teachers, who was probably among the ones asking Snopes if various satirical pieces were real, thought this was a real letter home andsent it home with the kidlets. Rage-filled floods of calls ensued and the principal was placed on administrative leave while they decide what in christ to do.

On one hand, I kind of had to chuckle at the part of the letter where the principal states that one of their students’ puppies was run over by a garbage truck, so to help the child, noone should wear anything furry, red or flat. Evil, just evil. But I did laugh.

On the other, I have to wonder if this principal is losing it. When a person is looking for an outlet for their feelings that all the people they deal with are dumb, lazy and spoiled, I wonder if there is a deeper problem. I’m sure we all have days where we shake our heads and think there isn’t one single smart person left in the world, but other days balance it out. When that stops happening, you can lose your objectivity.

I can’t imagine being a parent receiving this letter. There would be sparks flying in every household.

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