No Fair, It Can’t Duck Duck

Last Updated on: 2nd January 2017, 09:27 am

I'm sure this goose statue said something really mean to the guy who beat it up.
I don’t understand the reasoning here, but that happens a lot.

Drunken Utah resident George Eric Tangalos, 28, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree intentional damage to property and disorderly conduct during a visit to Rochester, Minnesota aftergetting into a fight with the 4 foot goose statue in the above picture.

When asked by police why he felt the urge to punch and kick the fake animal, he could only reply that he did it “because it was a goose.”

That’s the whole story, and it makes no more sense now than it did when I started writing it. The 0.24 blood alcohol level explains part of it, but still.

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