Insanity On All Fronts

Last Updated on: 23rd April 2014, 09:23 am

This story, in and of itself, isn’t that super odd, but the background sure is. Jane Woerner caused a bit of a stir at an airport when she flashed her privates at a female screener when the screener asked to check her privately, then kicked an officer and dit a lot of swearing and screaming. But here’s where it gets weird. She had been accused of the 1993 murder of Kevin Michael Brickey, a poor random dude who was in the wrong place at the wrong time when voices told her to run him over with her car. Courts eventually ruled that she would never be fit to stand trial, so…they dismissed the case and released her into the custody of her husband. This is what we do when someone has randomly killed someone and they could do it again at any time? I feel safer already.

Now, let’s flash forward to the airport incident. When officers asked her husband if he could take her to the hospital, he said he wasn’t comfortable with that, and got on the plane without her! So, the one person who is responsible for someone who is always in a state of psychosis has no problem just abandoning her who knows where when taking care of her doesn’t suit him. Even better.

What a screwed up situation.

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