Liar Liar, Pants Pocket On Fire

Last Updated on: 29th December 2016, 09:14 am

Remember that story about that guy with the prosthetic leg who said his friends set him on fire for losing a bet? Well, it didn’t go down that way. This story makes a lot more sense, even though it’s just as stupid.

The man with the burning leg is now known as Randy Malone. The story goes that someone offered him a ride into town. Then, he lit up a crack pipe. The driver of the car got upset and ordered him out of the car, at which point Malone put the burning crack pipe in his pants pocket and that’s what set him on fire.

Well, at least there aren’t a bunch of stupid friends out there trying to set people on fire for drinking the least. There’s just one stupid guy named Randy Malone.

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