He Doesn’t Plead Or Appeal, He Demands!

Last Updated on: 31st August 2022, 09:10 pm

You know, reading about this fellow’s complaints about his student loans makes me wonder if I might have written a similar thing if I had a. gone to all that school, and b. stayed in the state I was in when I wrote this frustration-laiden piece. I would hope, though, that I would have left out all the explitives.

Paul Hupp is very upset that he has a heapin’ helpin’ of student loans. He has tried before to get them forgiven but to no avail. Now he’s appealing, and not too nicely. here’s his petition in PDF. Screenreader-users, either OCR it or let me know if you want to see the obscenity-laiden thing. There’s a lot of extraneous garble with it, otherwise I would have posted the text version somewhere.

The crazy thing is he makes several points that might have some legal standing, but then peppers them with swearing and threats of civil unrest. Nothing like reading two legal points followed by “Wrong bitches” or “Sorry bitches” or similar.

This petition did not end well, and he’s appealing…again. Maybe he should refrain from calling judges names like ass clown, slime ball or piece of shit. That might help just a tad bit.

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