He Just Wanted to Show Them His Walking Stick

I have to ask the question. Is Paul Laurence Wadley that guy from Matt’s post from so many years ago?

The story goes that Wadley used to be the police chief. Then he retired. Now, he’s been accused of

  • flashing women on hiking trails,
  • leaving photos of his parts on hiking trails,
  • and

  • sticking photos of his parts on women’s cars parked near the hiking trails.

He says he’s not guilty, and even quit his consulting job in Kosovo to fly back and clear his name, but he’s gonna have a hard time. They say they found his fingerprints on some of the photos, some other evidence connecting him to the crime at his home, and some people identified him as the one who exposed himself to them. Oh my my. It’s gonna be a hard fight. Heh, I said hard.

I must be tired. I keep looking at his last name and snickering. Yes I know he probably blew his wad…ley a few times on those hiking trails, but come on.

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