This Is A Holdup…Note…That I Left Here…

Matthew Dale Hudleston
the best bank robbing advice I can offer you all is don’t, but if you must, the next best thing I could suggest is when you leave, remember to take your note with you. Failing that, all that’s left isdon’t go back for it later like Matthew Dale Hudleston did.

According to his plea agreement, Hudleston walked up to a Regions Bank teller on Oct. 22 and slipped her a note saying: “I have a gun. Do not alert anyone. No alarms, no dye packs, give me all the money in your drawer. You have 15 seconds, do not panic or alert anyone.”

Hudleston, 33, left with $9,945 — including $700 in bait money — but returned to retrieve the holdup note.

A short time later, a Baldwin County sheriff’s deputy spotted Hudleston in a previously stolen black Ford Explorer and chased him until the vehicle overturned in the vicinity of Baldwin County 32 and Alabama 59. Authorities recovered all of the money and the stickup note, according to the plea agreement.

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