Taking "Tiles And More" To A Whole New Level

Here we go with another episode of hey moron, that’s not a doctor.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a doctor’s office in the back of a floor tile store. I’ve seen houses converted into medical offices, but it’s usually not in the back room.

At any rate, that’s where Elena Caro went to receive buttock enhancement injections.

Her daughter says it wasn’t her time to die. On the contrary, I think she was given lots of chances to back out, and she went ahead. If there is a big guy upstairs pushing buttons, he was pushing, “continue, continue, ok, confirm? Yes.”

She heard about this makeshift doctor’s office from a close friend. I’m sure that friend feels like dirt right about now. But unlike our star of the show, she survived the butt injections, so she’s not *in* the dirt. Caro first went for facial botox injections, and after that went well, she booked the buttock-enhancing shots. So, she went to this floor tile place not once, but twice, and still thought this was a good idea.

Her daughter drove her to the place for the shots and noticed there were no diplomas on the walls. Hmm. No diplomas on the walls, in the back room of a floor tile place. Hmmm. Two signs that this may not be the best decision.

Her daughter must have known in her gut that something was wrong, because she told Ruben Dario Matallana-Galvas and Carmen Olfidia Torres-Sanchez, the supposed doctors, to take care of her mom. But she trusted them because they treated her mom professionally and with authority. Yup, just like most con artists learn to do.

She got freaked out by the process, so left and said that she would come back in four hours when it was supposed to be done. Her mom did call once and tell her it was going well. But after that, she couldn’t get a hold of her mom, and when she came back to get her, she found the room that they had used as an office empty and locked.

And here’s where things get weird. Caro was found wandering around some remote part of the city in agony. They can only guess that someone dropped her off there. When an ambulance got her to the hospital, she died. It was all too late. In the meantime, our supposed doctors were trying to get on a plane and get back to Columbia. They were arrested and charged with murder. That’s when they came up with all kinds of stories. She walked out of their office fine. We told her we didn’t have the right equipment but we went ahead anyway. Yeah, because that’s a good idea.

She wanted a firmer butt. Now she’s kind of stiff all over. Please, people, when you go and get any medical procedure done in the back of a floor tile shop, it can’t end well, ok?

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