From The Oilfield To The Prison Yard

Last Updated on: 29th February 2020, 06:36 am

Question: You’ve been bonded out of jail after being charged with the theft of $300000 in equipment from oilfields around southwest Oklahoma. One of the conditions of your release is that you have to wear one of those GPS ankle monitors. What should you do with yourself now that you’re free?

If your answer involves the theft of equipment from a different oilfield, hey there, Lonnie Nunley, thanks for dropping bye.

Nunley did his best to deny involvement in the most recent theft, but his situation was complicated not only by the aforementioned ankle bracelet placing him at the scene, but also by the small matter of the rightful owner of the stolen goods spotting them sitting in the back of Nunley’s truck.

He may have been trying to get his foot in the door of the oil business, but I suspect all he’s managed to do is get his foot and the rest of him back through the doors of one of Oklahoma’s finest crowbar motels. And this time, he’s probably not getting out so easily. Then again, if somehow he does, it’s not like he’ll be hard to find.

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