This Program Is Brought To You By The CRTC Putting An End To The Advertising Insanity

Last Updated on: 29th January 2017, 07:13 pm

I’ve said my piece on this issue before, and today I’m happy to report that the CRTC has seen fit to do something about it.

the results of the review are in, and by next September, television broadcasters in Canada will have to ensure that shows and commercials are transmitted at the same volume, rather than the ads being what sounds like 2405 times louder.

The commission apparently got a lot of feedback when they put the issue out for public comment, which is fabulous news. They say the response was way above normal, and that the number of submissions received was 10 times higher than the total number of complaints that came in in the previous 3 years.

So I guess all that’s left to do now is hope that things don’t get watered down to useless when the regulations are finished, and figure out to whom I owe that beer I promised.

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