My Fist Will Go On

Alternate title: Roger Stephens Goes To The Movies.

Yong Hyun Kim and his girlfriend just wanted a pleasant time out. But some little punks were not going to have that, and set about ruining his Titanic in 3-D experience by loudly talking, running around and throwing popcorn at him when he asked them to settle down. They even went so far as to intentionally start bumping into him as they ran, he said.

So after a second confrontation and request that some jets be cooled resulted in laughter being hurled in his direction, Kim could take no more and did what their parents maybe should have done. He reached over and decked one of them in the face, knocking out a tooth and bloodying a nose.

For his efforts, Kim was charged with second-degree assault and spent a night in jail before a court appearance. If he’s convicted it could cost him up to 9 more months there, which may be slightly more enjoyable than having to watch Titanic in 3-D.

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