Help Test Out Some New Audio CAPTCHAs

I haven’t done this yet, but if you’d like to help these folks out I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

The aim of this experiment is to investigate the usability of a new type of audio CAPTCHA. CAPTCHAs are online tests that are used to distinguish between humans and computers. The experiment will take about five to fifteen minutes to complete.

Before beginning the experiment a short questionnaire will be given. At the start of the experiment, a short tutorial will be presented, and worked examples of the tasks you will need to perform. Several audio CAPTCHAs will then be displayed individually on the computer screen. The CAPTCHA will require you to play an audio clip in your browser window. Use the keyboard and or mouse, you should type your answer to the CAPTCHA and press return. After completing the CAPTCHAs a short debriefing questionnaire will be given.

Your answers, keystrokes and response times on the CAPTCHA testing page will be recorded. The next CAPTCHA will appear automatically when you have submitted your answer. This process will continue until all the CAPTCHAs have been presented. Please try and answer the CAPTCHAs as accurately as possible.

All results will be held in strict confidence, ensuring the privacy of all participants. No personal participant information will be stored with the data. Online data will be stored in a password protected computer account.

A feedback email message will be sent to all participants, after the data has been analysed. Please note that it is the CAPTCHAs, not you, that are being evaluated. You may withdraw from the experiment at anytime without prejudice, and any data already recorded will be discarded.

for more info and to take the tests, head over to the survey page.

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