It’s Not Like These Things Ever Get Old, So Here Are The Best News Bloopers Of 2012

Since for whatever reason today seems to be a day for digging up fun things from last year, have nearly 14 minutes of 2012’s best news bloopers.

The first clip has trouble written all over it from the get go, the last one will make you do the headdesk thing, and in between there’s all sorts of the stuff you expect to see when you hear the words news bloopers. Have fun.

Oh, and hopefully YouTube won’t interrupt the proceedings at around the 7 minute mark so it can play you an overly long and obnoxious ad for somebody’s Black Friday sale like it did to me. I got so annoyed that I almost stopped watching, but I’m glad I stuck with it since the end was worth it. Most videos would not have been so lucky. Knock that shit off, YouTube!

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