Yeesh. The Phone’s Ringing Again. Somebody Light A Match

I imagine the creators of the oPhone have only the best of intentions, but short of people like me and the vast majority of my friends using it to sicken and abuse each other and people we don’t like, I don’t see much of a market for it.


are texts, images, and sounds accompanied by magical aromas. You will be able to make them with scent-tagging applications, like oSnap, and, eventually, by the end of our year-long launch, via our oNotes app and website, which will give you lots of creative options. oNotes, the site and app, will be the home of oMedia, like oBooks, oFilms, and oSongs, and, also, of your personal oNotes library, a platform from which you will be able to associate aromatic messages with almost any electronic communication, simply, happily, and emotively.

I could be wrong, but I see it failing for the same reason the video phone never took off. Nobody needs proof positive that I’m conversing with them while I’m taking an oShit. “Magical aromas,” indeed.

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  1. Oh god, my brother’s “smell centre” is coming to life. If only he’d known. And in order for this to work, wouldn’t we all have to have oPhones?

    1. Ahh yes, the smell centre. Did you ever manage to shoehorn that into a post?

      Believe we would, yes. Think that’s how they plan to make money off of this idea.

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