Superheroes In Waiting

Last Updated on: 13th March 2018, 08:42 am

Gill has an idea for the world’s nicest superhero.

Over a decade ago I thought about starting my own comic book. The main protagonist was going to be a mysterious individual named Dr. Cool. He/she would be standing up for all things good, kind, and right. Sort of like other heroes in other books, TV shows, and movies he/she would have a secret identity, and blend right in with whatever they were doing. Recently I got to thinking, is there a real life Dr. Cool? Here’s what I honestly think. There are many, all around. You might just sit next to one on your bus ride to work, they could live upstairs from you, or they might just be someone in your circle. What are they doing?

  • 1 Helping others – It might just be saying hello to someone, or buying a homeless person a sandwich and coffee.
  • 2 Getting their children involved – This movement should start in the home and start out while the kids are young.
  • 3 Standing on the side of love – Not being intimidated, and showing that love can destroy hate.
  • 4 Getting the word out – That you don’t have to have webslinging abilities or be able to jump tall buildings, all you have to do is what’s right.


Do you know someone who embodies these values? Or is it you?

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