How Do You Like Your Eggs? Lies, Shambles Or Vaporized?

Another person has been caught faking cancer. This time it’s a 31-year-old Australian woman named Elizabeth Edmunds.

People were told the 31-year-old had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in April and that by September it had spread to her lungs.
But last week the alleged scam unravelled when family and friends learned “Elle” never had cancer.
A man purporting to be the woman’s defacto partner revealed on the Facebook page documenting Elizabeth’s struggle that he had been duped as well.
“She has never had cancer,” he wrote.
Police said they were investigating the alleged scam but no charges had been laid yet.
Yesterday in Belmont, the Lake Macquarie woman believed to have benefited from the thousands of dollars raised was asked to explain her actions. She replied: “I’ve got extremely serious mental health issues.”
In her apparent struggle against the disease — detailed online — she shaved her head and posted on Facebook about dreaming of her funeral.
However, one of her supporters claimed on the social media site Edmunds refused to let anyone go with her on her “chemotherapy” treatments. “She made everyone … believe it. She made us do everything for her and if we didn’t she would guilt trip us saying we didn’t care she had cancer,” she wrote.

I don’t like to wish mental health problems on anyone, but I hope she’s being honest about hers. They’re basically all that stands between her and being an evil con artist. Hopefully she can get whatever help she needs.

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