There’s An Ear In My Beer

According to the complaint, officers were called Friday evening to a domestic assault on Seventh Avenue South. Upon arrival, officers met with Elrod and her husband.
Officers noted in the criminal complaint that the husband was missing part of his right ear. During a search of the apartment, officers found blood as well as a part of victim’s ear on the floor, the complaint said.

Good god, this must have been serious! Did he cheat on her? Squander their life savings? Beat her up? Try to kill her?

Um…not quite.

According to the police, the victim and an apparent admission to the crime in a jailhouse phone call, the reason Jamie Elrod’s husband was short half an ear is that she had bitten it off during an argument over beer. No brand of beer was provided, which unfortunately leaves us no way of determining how reasonable her position may have been.

Elrod, who told police at the scene that she had no idea how that happened when confronted with the evidence, was being held on $30000 bond after being charged with first-degree assault.

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