In That Book, Was He Voted Most Likely To Get Arrested In A Stupid Way?

I’m not sure if Deaquan Scott didn’t know who’s house he and his buddy were going to or if there’s more to the relationship between perp and victim than was reported or what, but I do know that this is why you should always wear a mask when you head out to commit a home invasion.

The incident happened on January 7 on Miarfield Arch. Two men rang a doorbell to a home, according to court documents. One man had a gun. The other had a pink and black stun gun.
When the victim answered the door, the two forced their way into the home. Police say the two made off with jewelry and money.
As police tried to solve the case, the victim told them he recognized one of the suspects from his time at Western Branch High School. He used the 2014 yearbook to point out Scott to police, according to the search warrant.

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