You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take

Parent seeks reimbursement for equipment after OMHA’s vaccine policy benches sons
Fuck this guy.

On second thought, no. Do not fuck this guy under any circumstances. Getting that close will probably get you COVID courtesy of him or his unvaccinated family.

Seriously, how did this douche get a story on the news? He should be left to splutter and grumble at clouds on Facebook with the rest of the unclean morons who still think that clogging up our hospitals with largely preventable disease is somehow a personal choice.

You got your registration fees back, dude. That’s totally fine since your kids can’t play. But asking the league to pay for all of the equipment they won’t be using now? Get bent, you rectal chapeau! The association made its choice and you made yours, as you both have the right to do. But it should not in any way have to suffer the consequences of the one you made. That’s on you, my guy. If you get one more penny out of them I’m going to be furious and I’m not even a member.

If you want your money back, sell the stuff or take the matter up with Doug Ford since his government’s guidelines aren’t as tight as league policy. If you want to act like a good person, donate it so that some other kids can play. If the choice not to be vaccinated was made 100% by your sons and you’re respecting it, let them pay you back. They should have plenty of time to work it off now that hockey isn’t on the schedule.

“We’re in for over $2,000 worth of equipment that they’ve only been able to use twice and now not able to play,” said Tony Cortina, whose kids play Paris minor hockey.
Cortina purchased new equipment including hockey sticks and skates for his sons, 14 and 16, about a month before the association announced its vaccine mandate so his kids could take part in skills clinics.
Because his sons have chosen to not get vaccinated, they are unable to play.

“They were very distraught, very upset and they just don’t understand,” said Cortina.
He said while the league is refunding his registration fee, he has not heard back from the association about being reimbursed for equipment.

Cortina called the vaccine mandate “very discriminating,” adding he feels it’s “causing a huge segregation in the community.”

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