Facebook Finally Gets Something Right

Man Who Posted ‘We Can All Get Through This Together’ Kicked Off Social Media For Spreading Covid-19 Hoax

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—After violating the company’s terms of service with his factually inaccurate message, local man Mitch Pennington, who posted the words “We can all get through this together!” on Facebook, was reportedly kicked off the social media platform Thursday for spreading a Covid-19 hoax. “We have taken immediate action to suspend Mr. Pennington’s account after he knowingly and willfully disseminated misinformation that suggests Americans are capable of joining together to overcome this disease,” said Facebook spokesperson Jessica Brodich, explaining that while the idea of the country cooperating in the face of adversity might seem completely absurd on the surface, the post was apparently believable enough to have been shared widely and was ultimately read by millions.

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