“Can I Bring This In Here?” “Neigh Neigh.”

I’m so sick. Please, get me to a hospital right away. But first, bring me a stuffed toy, a knife and some ivermectin.

A COVID-19 patient tried to sneak the anti-parasite drug ivermectin into Windsor Regional Hospital by hiding it inside a stuffed animal, according to an internal memo sent to staff at the Ontario hospital on Friday. 
David Musyj, the hospital’s chief executive officer, wrote that the adult patient brought the stuffed animal to the intensive-care unit. 
“As the staff member was collecting the patient’s personal belonging, the staff noticed a slit in the stuffed animal. Inside of it was Ivermectin,” wrote Musyj in the memo obtained by CBC News. 
A spokesperson for the hospital confirmed the memo was authentic, and said the hospital would not comment further on the matter.

For the record, our hero doesn’t even get the sense of humour points for smuggling it in a horse. According to the photos in the article which I’m not sure I’m allowed to repost so I’m not going to, it was a dog.

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