Christianity Or Mental Health Treatment

Gill has more thoughts on religious beliefs and medical treatment coexisting.

I spoke to all of you out there about my feelings about medicine, vaccines, and other treatments for physical health, but what do I think on the subject of mental health?

Chemicals Out Of Balance

If you have heard some of those TV quack preachers, yes I’m talking about you Kenneth Copeland, then you’ll know that they think something such as depression or bipolar is a demonic attack.  That’s not true. In fact, any Christian with reason on their side will tell you that this is a puberty thing, and yes, PTSD does exist. 

In Combination

I do take medicine to stabilize my moods, and occasionally seek out talk therapy.  My take on God wanting you to be healthy while your soul prospers is this: If it requires you to see someone, in my case a psychotherapist, God has given me that person for a reason.

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