Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 29

Oh my god. I’m on the plane. My beautiful beast is at my feet. I’m…done! She’s mine and I made it!

This morning I couldn’t sleep past 3. I ran around my room and tried to make sure everything was packed. I pray I’m not heading for an adrenal crash. My body is trying to tell me something, but let’s just hope that if I do crash, it’ll be small.

I packed up my poor beast’s fleece. I don’t think she slept a wink, the poor baby. Every day I love her more and more. Sometimes I was afraid that we weren’t bonding, but I think we’re fine. Everyone says she settles well beside me and looks happy, and I feel like someone amputated part of my arm if I leave without her. I mean there are times when it’s easier to not have the beast on the end of my arm, but I have to know where she is and all that or I’m not content either. Anyway I don’t think she slept well, poor baby.

When I got up I guess I made a bit of a racket with my hoppy limp step, but it’s a good thing I did because I woke up Jill, Amy and Sylvia who almost overslept. Woopsers.

My little angel pooped and peed, which is good because we’re about to fly. Oh my poor Californian pooch who has never seen snow. My poor poor Californian pooch.

We got on the bus, and we gradually went from loud to silent. Everybody’s exhausted, especially Amy, Jill and Sylvia. Poor Amy now has to pay the bill from her trip to the ER when she had her seizure at the beginning. Man am I ever thankful that Canada has the health care it does, even with its problems.

I hate goodbyes, especially when we’re all groggy. I was the first one off. They took me to the counter, and…that was that. A goodbye and my passport was being checked through. then I was led to the security gate, and if I thought the security check was thorough on Wednesday, they had surprises for me. We went through and beeped like we always do, then they asked me if I’d like a private room or if we could do it in public. Beginning to feel a wee bit afraid of what they were going to do, I said I guess a private room. Then she was bellowing at the other women, “I need a female assist!” And they touched me everywhere. My boobs, my butt, I had to take my medicine I had for on the plane out of my pocket, my poop bags, and they even opened Trixie’s leash luggage and inspected more poop bags and her gental leader. One of the women was afraid she’d bite her. Dear god. She’d kiss her instead of biting her. So, surprise surprise, I wasn’t set to explode so through I went. Two bags checked, one bag carry-on, my purse, my fanny pack and my elba here..and of course, my little buddy…who just got us bumped up to executive class. How absolutely awesome. I’m being treated like a princess. The guy got me breakfast, which was good because I didn’t get a chance to have breakfast before leaving and all they had was dry cereal. I’ve never felt so waited on in my life. And my little beast flies well. She was a little disturbed at first, but now she’s laying here at my feet. I wasn’t the best at getting her into my foot space, but there’s no one beside me so she’s got lots of room. eeewww this movie is disgusting. Oh well, maybe it will get undisgusting. I hope so.

I hate not being able to touch Trixie. Her leash is looped around my knee and she feels like she’s chillin’, but I’d like to scritch scratch her ears. The tray table is keeping me from getting to her though, that and my ouchy knee.

My stomach is a little unsettled. I hope it calms down soon. I’m so tired but so awake. I’m afraid to nap in case Trixie rises and starts moving. I know she’s tied to me, but still. A little over 2 hours to go. Funny how this flight feels like it’s going faster than the other one. Always that way, isn’t it? tired. sleepy.

I slept a little. Damn it I didn’t do a customs card. Erg. Now the agents will have to do it when we get there. Get this. The flight attendents aren’t authorized to do it. It’s a basic card. Arg just help me fill it out! Ug I hate that. Someone keeps sounding like one of the instructors. There’s this heat hitting my jeans pockets. It must be sunny out. But apparently it’s only 3 degrees. I’m gonna have a brutal shock ahead of me. Not as much as my poor pooch. Must remember when we land that her handle, my coat and the bag are stowed. Handle, coat, bag. Everything else is tied to me somehow. Much love to the detachable handle.

Piss piss piss! Shit crap hell damn crap crap hell! I knew I forgot something. Deep down at the bottom of my suitcase is a binder, and in that binder is Trixie’s health certificate. Piss hell shit crap damn hell piss! How the hell am I going to dig it up? Piss! Oy! I thought I’d remember that. Saboo! And there’s a big bag of dogfood in my bag, 3 days’ worth, and I don’t know if that’s legal. Oh cross your fingers for me. Oh god oh no. piss hell. Hope for me. We descend in about an hour. Hopefully nothing goes bad.

Some things I forgot to say before that I keep forgetting to add in:

Clyde is funny. He’s the retrain, or retread as we started calling them, who liked to play the organ. Apparently he’s a really good dancer and taught the nurse to tango in her office. Don’t get any ideas, it’s just the tango. Anyway, when we were talking about my bum knee, he even knew of a dance you could dance if you had to hold one leg stiff all the time. He’s funny. He’s 85 and he’s getting another dog.

Bahia puked at the grad ceremony. I wonder why.

sedgey’s paw is better. I don’t know if I mentioned that. and his ear is better. Meredeth doesn’t have a broken doggy anymore.

I don’t like the fact that Dynamo, or double D as Amy calls him, still has to pee a lot. I hope she can resolve that. Makes me a wee tad nervous.

My stupid brace. I can hardly wait to get something better. My feet are tired. The way she’s positioned, if I put my feet down they’ll rest on her and that wouldn’t be nice. I don’t mind her head on my foot, but my feet on her? No. Poor beast. I can’t even imagine not having any control over my destiny, but being smart enough to wonder what’s going on but not be able to ask. Maybe I think about it too much, but the poor thing has been shuttled around so much. You will settle down, Trixie, you will.

Please let this flight end soon. I don’t feel the best, and I’m not uber comfortable because of the feet thing.

That is the weirdest headphone setup I’ve ever seen. They don’t clip too well to my ears.

I should probably think about getting Trixie some ice. The poor beast can’t ask for a thing.

I still haven’t set my watch. I should do that at some point. We should be landing within the hour.

We landed! I tried to limp through the airport but I didn’t do well, so Trixie and I got a ride in a golf cart. Trixie-poo, you’ve now ridden on buses, subways, cars, and golf carts! She’s doing really well! She already knows where my apartment door is, where the elevator is, where her relieving spot is, and she’s already pooped and peed a couple times, and no diarrhea! I’ve got her food, her puppy raisers are sending her a bed, she’s quietly nestled on tiedown in my bedroom, and she’s taken a trip to the emergency room with me where I found out that my MCL is a bit torn and that I’ll have to get physio. Heall, damn it, heal! She’s an angel dog. I just feel bad that at first the walks will be really short.

So now the real hard work begins. My journey is only beginning. Hope you enjoyed the first leg.

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