Flight From Sanity

Imagine being on a flight with Kinman Chan. That’s a flight you’d never forget. Chan claims this was the fault of marijuana cookies. Somehow I’m not sure.

Kinman Chan, of San Francisco, was flying from Philadelphia to San Francisco aboard a US Airways flight, when he began acting strangely. At first, he was waving, smiling and making odd gestures to a flight crew member, according to a criminal complaint.

Then, he went to the restroom on the plane shortly after takeoff and began to scream.

When another crew member knocked on the door, Mr. Chan came out with his shirt untucked and his pants down, the document went on. All of the restroom compartments were open.

The crew member attempted to get him back to his seat, but Mr. Chan became aggressive and attempted to hit a female flight crew member.

She was able to dodge him, and “then grabbed Chan’s right arm, locked it behind his back, jumped into the seat behind him and put him in a ‘choke hold’ to restrain him,” the complaint said.

His hands were then restrained, and the flight landed in Pittsburgh.

Mr. Chan, who was traveling back from a conference in the Dominican Republic, admitted causing the disturbance and told agents he had eaten marijuana cookies while waiting for his connecting flight in Philadelphia. He told them that he had a medical marijuana card and took double his normal dose.

Uh-huh. Good luck with that.

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