Travesty.. and then some more stuff

Last Updated on: 24th September 2013, 12:22 pm

Well, I’ve yet again left a Toronto sporting event with a bad taste in my mouth. The Argo’s played a hell of a game against the heavily favoured Montreal Allouette’s despite being at a huge disadvantage.

The game was played at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium where there were 60 000 fans. When Montreal was on offense, the fans would quiet down so that they could call the plays. It even got to the point where the Montreal QB, Calvillo, could signal the fans to quiet down. As soon as the Argo’s got the ball the fnas would not stop screaming making it impossible for the Argo’s to call plays amd forcning them to go with “silent offense’.

It was a great game but it was blown by the referee’s at the end when Calvillo chose to run the ball himself in to the endzone. Problem is that he fumbled the fall before he crossed the goal line which should have meant no touchdown. But Montreal was given the points and went on to win 30-26.

Montreal still played a great game and all, but it’s just little things like that that leave a bad taste. However, if Toronto hadn’t sacked out in the 3rd quarter it wouldn’t have mattered.

We’ve got another Ask At Own Risk lined up for either today or tomorrow that should prove to be entertaining.

I saw Scarey Movie 3 and would reccomend that you do the same if you have not done so yet. In my opinion it was the best of the Scarey Movie series. Should still be in theatres for quite some time.

I’ll be back with more later.

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