You Can’t Keep A Good Game Down

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 11:00 am

Ok, people keep on submitting these so I’m going to keep on posting the good ones.

But first, a little reminder of how the game works. Grab a CD, any CD at all. List all the tracks from that CD but replace the last word of every song with the word penis. If the song only has a 1 word title, keep that word but add the word penis. For the not so smart among us that would mean that you now have a 2 word title.

Ok, here we go. First one comes from the comment board.

Barenaked Ladies greatest hits:
The old penis
Falling for the first penis
Brian Penis
One penis
Be my Yoko Penis
Alternative penis
Its only penis
If I had a million penis’
Call and penis
Get in penis
Its all been penis
Jane penis
Lovers in a dangerous penis
Pinch penis
shoe penis
What a good penis
Too little too penis
Enid penis
Thanks that was penis
a different anonymous 04.27.04 – 4:58 pm

And while we’re talking Barenaked Ladies, our good friend Carin emailed me this one.

Barenaked Ladies, Everything to Everyone.

1. Celebrity Penis

2. Maybe Penis

3. Another Penis

4. Next Penis

5. For Penis

6. Shopping Penis

7. Testing 1,2,Penis

8. Upside Penis

9. War On Penis

10. Aluminium Penis

11. Unfinished Penis

12. Second Penis

13. Take It Penis

14. Have You Seen My Penis??

15. Another Postcard – (acoustic Penis)

16. Maybe Katie – (acoustic Penis)

17. Second Best – (acoustic Penis)

And here’s one more from Carin to round this out nicely.

Sarah McLachlan, Mirrorball

1. Building A Penis

2. Hold Penis

3. Good Penis

4. I Will Remember Penis

5. Adia Penis

6. I Love Penis

7. Do What You Have To Penis

8. Path Of Penis

9. Fear Penis

10. Possession Penis

11. Sweet Penis

12. Ice Penis

13. Fumbling Towards Penis

14. Angel Penis

You can feel free to keep sending these in, either by email or by posting them on the comment boards. Have fun with it, not that that will be too hard since after all, how can you not have fun with a penis?

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