Shockingly Stupid

Last Updated on: 18th February 2015, 05:19 pm

Ok, who thought this idea would work? Can I zap them too?

In Wales, there’s a woman who can’t stop calling 999 and uttering fake bomb threats and such. Thelma Dennis often does this when she is drinking. So, after 60 convictions, they decide to try a weird therapy on her. They tape electrodes to her hands and make her dial 999 on a specially rigged phone. After dialing the third 9, she gets zapped and is screaming in pain. Quelle surprise, this therapy doesn’t work, and she makes another hoax 999 call.

Ok, geniuses, I think I know why this therapy doesn’t have a hope in hell of working. I’m sure she’s smart enough to know that as long as she’s not at the specially-rigged up phone with the electrodes on her hands, she’s not going to get zapped. Duh! Even an animal could make that connection. Wouldn’t it be more effective to order her to get help for her drinking problem?

I understand they’re desperate for a solution, but this one seems like the stupidest one possible, especially since it’s been stated that she is more likely to do this while drinking. Well then, isn’t that the key to solving the problem?

Every time I read this, I wonder more and more if the doctors treating her just decided to punish her for all the trouble she had caused rather than actually treating her.

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