That’s Not Vandalism Officer, It’s A School Project

Last Updated on: 24th February 2017, 04:27 pm

This is such a UK idea.

Now kids, if you’re going to be running around spray painting everything,for the love of Pete at least let us teach you some proper technique!

I’m really not sure I’m buying the official explanation for this, and I’m pretty sure anybody who is has never actually met a kid.

Liz Hart of the community arts team in Crawley said the classes for children ages 8 and up will teach children how to express themselves with graffiti, but will also encourage responsible use of paint, The Sun reported Friday.

“When we do the workshops we provide canvas for young people to work on,” Hart said. “Those who take part would not consider going out to tag a bus stop, wall or whatever.”

“I can understand some residents may be worried. But I can assure them the young people will be told the difference between vandalism and graffiti as an art form,” she said.

Yeah, and this will work because children and young adults are well known for their propensity to do exactly what they’re told and use the knowledge they gain in a responsible manner.

I hope there’s room in the budget for more janitors, because you’re probably gonna need ’em.

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