I Think We Should Perform A C-Section. Yeah? Well I Think I Should Perform A Punch In The Teeth-Section…On You!

Last Updated on: 24th September 2016, 05:48 pm

There has been stories of doctors in fistfightsbefore,but generally things turn out ok, most everyone laughs and life goes on. But in this case,not so much.

Laura Salpietro’s gynecologist and the on duty doctor at the Italian hospital where she was giving birth had a disagreement over whether or not to perform a C-section on her. A fight ensued, delaying the birth by over an hour. The child was eventually delivered, but not without complications. Salpietro’s uterus had to be removed and her baby was born with heart problems and possible brain damage.

Five doctors are now under investigation (I have no idea who the other three are or what they may have done or not done), and Ferruccio Fazio, Italy’s Health Minister, has visited Salpietro in the hospital to personally apologize.

No word on any lawsuits or compensation, but I hope there will be both.

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