That’s Not What’s Meant By Mustard Plaster

Last Updated on: 6th October 2023, 10:22 pm

Food feuds, how I love thee.

This one involves a dude launching a mustard-covered corn dog at his girlfriend.

I love all the trouble Will Greenlee went to in order to bring us this food feud in all its glory. Not only do we have a mugshot of Tommie Lee McKeliver, the accused “corn dog chucker”, but we have a picture of the, or a, corn dog in case we don’t know what it is that he threw.

The story itself was pretty ordinary. He and the girlfriend had an argument at a hotel, which ended with him throwing the corn dog at her chest area, covering her in mustard and then pushing her out of the room. She called the cops, who knocked on the door. He didn’t answer the door, so she got a spare key and opened it for them. There he was, listening to headphones. He refused to give his name, but someone at the jail recognized him, so that was that.

I just love how Greenlee makes a point of saying that it was not mentioned what kind of mustard was on the corn dog, also going to the trouble of describing what exactly a corn dog is. Great stuff.

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