“Here, Let Me Hold The Door For You.” “Here, Let Me Hold You Without Bail.”

I think I just figured out why people can be such pricks sometimes. You see, they’ve all learned from the case of Kayvon Mavaddat that any nice act, no matter how simple, just ain’t worth the risk of being arrested on a pile of outstanding warrants. Or maybe people are just pricks because they’re pricks. Could go either way, really. Not even sure why I mentioned it, to be honest. OH well, it’s written down now and I have nothing better to replace it with, so here it stays.

But since we’re supposed to be talking about the case of Kayvon Mavaddat, it’s worth pointing out that whether he went the nice guy route or the prick route, he was probably winding up fucked regardless. He either holds the door for the cop who gets a look at him and arrests him like actually happened, or he lets it close on him resulting in a pissed off cop with the motivation to trump up any old excuse to talk to him at which point he gets recognized and arrested anyway. Rock, hard place, all that jazz. I almost feel bad for him. I don’t, but almost.

Politely holding a door open for a police officer has landed a Massachusetts man in jail.
Authorities say Kayvon Mavaddat was at the Natick Mall on Friday when he held the door for the leaving officer. That officer thought Mavaddat looked familiar, and went to check his cruiser’s computer. The officer found there were three warrants out for his arrest — for heroin possession, shoplifting and driving with a suspended license.

The officer returned to the mall and arrested Mavaddat.

At his arraignment, Mavaddat was ordered held without bail after his probation officer presented evidence suggesting that he was much nicer to the officer at the mall than he generally is to him, specifically that he routinely skips court dates, blows off court-ordered drug tests and doesn’t bother paying his probation fees.

See? Almost.

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