You Have 1 Million Channels, Not 1

Last Updated on: 29th September 2021, 10:08 pm

I should know the answer to this, but I don’t.

TSN has five channels. Sportsnet has six. I know that part of their purpose is the ability to shift programming to different time zones or broadcast things only to specific regions, but much of the time they aren’t doing that. In fact, there are plenty of days when all of them are featuring live events which obviously don’t care what time zone you’re in.

With all of those stations available to them, it should be easy to show a bunch of different things at once. There are times when that happens and as a guy who likes watching sports it’s great when it does, but so often the same game is on in three or four places at the same time. Why, when there are plenty of things going on, would you do that? Does anyone with decent cable not get all of the TSNs at this point? If they don’t, why not just put whatever you decide the most important thing is on the one that everybody gets and use the others as a way to not have to shove things like AEW Dynamite into the middle of the night or in the case of Rampage, not show it at all?

NO, this isn’t an irritated wrestling fan complaining simply because they bumped his damn wrestling. Or maybe it kind of is because I’m finally writing about it thanks to a fan in my family who doesn’t have the internet. But this has always bothered me. Rogers and Bell have a gazillion content deals. They can pick up hockey/baseball/basketball/football/soccer/whatever else games seemingly at will. Aside from being cheap asses of the highest order, why aren’t they doing it more? It’s such a waste.

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  1. Leaving this mostly to test something, but the other night I saw a perfect example of what I was complaining about. TSN was plugging the week’s Monday Night Football game and said it would be on TSN 1, 3, 4 and 5. Why?

    1. I think that happened because you wrote those posts. This one’s mine so I’m getting them since I’m the author. You may have to actually subscribe yourself if you want followup comments on stuff I’ve written. I’m pretty sure that’s how this thing used to work years ago when we used it and it was simpler to set up. Can I have proper checkoxes instead of stupid impossible to blindly tell clickable toggles now?

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