Journey And Solo Steve Perry Narrate Your Day

Last Updated on: 31st August 2022, 09:08 pm

This one’s kind of hit and miss, but the Smoke Alarms bit made me laugh. The damn thing even fooled me into getting pissed off for a second when I thought it was our actual smoke detector about to go off for no reason when neither of us in the house could deal with it. Carin because she was speaking in an important work meeting, and me because I was watching YouTube videos on the toilet…in service of my posting duties here, of course.

And yes, it doesn’t start out with a Journey song. The music dork in me got a little twitchy about that, don’t worry. But they acknowledge it, so that made me feel better. Hopefully it does the same for the folks in the comments, but I have my doubts because an easy half of the people who comment on YouTube are completely insane.

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