Do I Have Your Attention Now?

Not quite as eventful as the one from the other day, but still worth a post because reading it has made me realize that I’m going to feel a little bad every time I travel now. Not because I touch myself and other people on planes and am starting to figure out that perhaps I shouldn’t, but because if some poor woman ever tries to get my attention this way, it’s not gonna work and she’s going to think I’m ignoring her. If she’s got Voiceover turned on good and loud we’ll be fine, but at that point she might as well just scream.

Shortly after taking off, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said, the victim, a 21-year-old woman who was seated next to Robinson during the flight, recorded a 24-second video of Robinson allegedly fondling and manipulating his penis through his pants.

A short time later, the victim alleges, she looked over and saw that Robinson had exposed his penis.

Approximately five minutes before landing, Robinson allegedly put his hand on the victim’s thigh. The victim then asked why he was touching her, and he withdrew his hand.
The victim got the attention of another passenger by showing a message on her phone that read: “Hi, this man assaulted me and touched my leg and is masturbating.”

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