I was watching the news with a cousin of mine today when he pointed out something that I hadn’t thought about before. A story about the 25th anniversary of the Pope came on and as we watched my cousin turned to me and said something that I’ll never forget.

“You know what the difference is between the Pope and the rest of the Catholic clergy, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t,” I replied waiting with great anticipation for the answer which I was sure would be something important, something that I should take with me through my life to guide me in times of trouble and strife. Over the years this man, who is a few years older than me and much wiser at times than people give him credit for had given me countless pearls of wisdom and pieces of good advice so I was sure that this would be no different.

“Well, the Pope gets first pick of the little boys.”

It’s nice to know that even in times of trouble in this world, there are still good people out there to give you the perspective you need to get through it all. So please, hug someone you love today, then take their wallet when they’re not looking.

Canadian Goalball Championships 2004

It was announced earlier this morning that the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s bid to host the 2004 Canadian Goalball Championships has been accepted and they will be the host city.

Not many details as of yet but we will keep you informed. Dates were announced to be Friday April 2nd, Saturday April 3rd and Playoffs and Closing ceremonies being Sunday April 4th.

That’s it for now


Reading Matt’s earlier bitching about music kind of got me thinking about musical issues to post about so what better than the most controvercial issue surrounding music today, and no, I don’t mean that lesbo kiss from the MTV VMA’s you perverts! But on that note, this is for everybody in the media, nobody gives a fuck, get over it, please?!?! No no no, I’m talking about something that’s actually of some importance, downloading and why the RIAA and the rest of the world’s music conglomerates are full of so much shit they can taste it. I’m going to examine a couple of their arguments and why they’re flawed and then tell you what you can do to help the music business.

Myth: Downloading songs and albums without paying for them hurts artists.
Fact: No it doesn’t. Downloading songs and albums without paying for them only hurts the useless sacks of shit who are responsible for the creation of most of the shit that is stinking up the radio landscape today. I’m talking about the office drones who’s job it is to find the next exploitable teenager who they can market the hell out of by having her put out the same album that the other 12613 exploitable teenagers before her put out. These are the same people who are responsible for the constant flood of press releases about file sharing and how it’s going to be the ruination of the music business because exploitable teenager number 15847 can’t aford her new set of tits without the generous support of the sheep consumer, that’s you by the way there Joe Average in case there’s any confusion.

The fact is that artists make pretty much nothing on every CD sold. Whether you buy it new, used or not at all will make almost no difference to your favourite artist no matter what they say on those bullshit commercials. If you really want to help out the bands you like and support them, go to their shows, that’s where they make most of their money anyway. You can also buy the music directly from them whenever possible, at least then you know who’s coke habbit it’s going to support. And if you’re wanting to help stamp out these evil record label people buy your albums used, I’m sure you’ve got a used record store or a pawn shop in your area, they need your support much more than the major labels do. Actually the people who really need your support are the ones who had to trade their shit in at the pawn shop in the first place but that’s beside the point.

Myth: Record sales are down due to file swapping and we’re going out of business if this keeps up.

Fact: Yes, record sales are down and I suppose you could say that file sharing is partly responsible and not be entirely wrong but like with just about everything else, there are things you’re not being told, most important among them being that the industry has been putting out less content lately. How much of what is being released that can actually be clasified as content is a debatable point but let’s carry on. I read some stats awhile back that said that for just about every year that sales figures have been going down at the majors, less albums have been released. Now I’m not the world’s greatest math person but something tells me that by putting out less product, you probably aren’t going to sell as much of it. After all I’m not going to buy things again and I don’t think any of you are either, unless some of you are idiots, and for all I know you might be.

We haven’t even gotten into how much of what is making it onto store shelves would actually compell somebody to buy it. I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’m finding that most of the music I’m buying lately is either coming from lesser known artists or from older albums that I’m picking up at a discount. There are some acceptions of course but that’s just the way things go. Even those acceptions I’m getting used most of the time from the specialty store down the street from my house, either that or I’m buying CD’s directly. Rarely will I go into a place like HMV and actually buy something.

The bottom line of all this is that sure, file sharing is contributing to a drop in sales, but no more than actually being able to walk into a store, sample an album and decide that it sucks ass and not buy it. But at the same time, swapping is contributing to the making of sales. I can think of a few artists that I’ve gotten interested in because I heard something they did through a download reccomendation, or just through finding it by accident. It’s free advertising, kind of like radio only without the bribery and power tactics.

There’s so much more I could say in this space but this is getting pretty long as it is. Maybe I’ll write more on this in the future, who knows? Pretty much what I’m trying to say here is that record companies are evil. Not all of them, just most of them. Do a little research into how much it costs to actually make a physical CD and then how much you’re paying for it. If that doesn’t piss you off enough, look into who gets what from the CD you buy. If that’s still not enough, research the way that record contracts work and tell me who’s really getting the shit end of the fuck stick here. Support the artists, and I mean the real ones, boy bands don’t count. They deserve nothing because they are a record label concept and should be treated as such. Support the people with talent who are making the truly good music you like. They don’t need the labels and neither do we. They’d do just fine on their own, it’s just that the music business needs to change for this to be truly plausable. And who better to force that change than you, Joe Average.

Any feedback on this can be sent to me at sendstuffhere@rogers.com.

Too Much Peppers. Too Little Happy

Hello my little Vomiteers
Well, I’ve been awak now for a total of 2 and half hours and i’ve heard 5 Red Hot Chilli Pepper songs. this is a TERRIBLE ratio. Especially considering they haven’t released a good song since about 1999. This crap lately is nothing but overplayed, recycled garbage and I for one would be more than happy to see it removed from my radio forever.


The Wheel Of Sloth!

For those of you too ignorant to realize that you should be listening to Edge 102 in the mornings, i’m going to do you the service of keeping you updated on a contest they have going on called The Edge Wheel Of Sloth. The idea being they get all kinds of people with nothing better to do to show up and participate in rediculous contests. If they get through the contest they are entered in a draw. The winner of this draw will win one year of free living. Their bills, their taxes, their groceries, their gas, EVERYTHING is paid for for one year.

Today’s contest was a thing of beauty. They had 4 people show up and told them that they would be riding the Yonge Street bus up and down Yonge in Toronto for 24 strait hours with no breaks to get off for any reason. For any of you who have ever ridden this bus you know it’s an unpleasant experience. In fact the name for this site came from that particular bus line as it is called the vomit comet.

One particularly poor man showed up at the studio with no bus fare to get on the bus. He had spent all the money he had (save for $1.50) on getting down to the studio. The bus costs $2.25 so Dean (the host) offered to give him the other $0.75 if he agreed to spend the entire 24 hours on the bus in just hix boxers. At first the guy said no but then Dean offered to give him 3 cookies also so he agreed stating that he hadn’t eaten since thanksgiving dinner and didn’t know when he’d be able to afford to eat again. Classy.

Long story short. they all completed the task but not without insident. The guy in the boxers was punched twice by other passengers for refusing to put pants on and one of the women spent a good 4 hours doing dry heeves and throwing up when she hit about hour 20. You can’t say they didn’t earn theiir shot I guess. Sounds like the guy in the boxers could sure use the chance to live free for a year. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

I’m out,

Hello From Steve

So I guess this is the part where I say “welcome to the blog, hope you enjoy it” and generally introduce myself to the world. So hi, welcome to the Vomit Comet, hope you enjoy it. Look at that, 30 seconds in and I’m already misquoting myself.

Ok ok, stuff about me. All you really need to know is that my name is Steve and I have a big mouth but an even bigger ass. Just ask Matt, I’m sure he’d be happy to tell you how much of a fat tub O shit I am and well, I can’t say he’d be all that far off the mark. I’ve seen fatter tubs containing much more shit but I’m not exactly on the slim side.

I also have a weekly radio show that I’ll be whoring out quite a bit, like now for instance. The show is called Off The Beaten Track, because that’s the name it had when I took it over from the people who used to have it and I just never bothered changing it because I didn’t want to confuse the guy who listened to it. Over time the show has grown to the point where we now have a different guy who listens to it and he seems to like it. If you want to check it out go to www.uoguelph.ca/cfru and pick the stream that works for you. Right now it’s hit or miss if either of them will because there is some technical work being done to try to fix streaming problems that they’ve been having. Give it a shot and see what happens though, maybe it’ll actually work or something.

Anyway the show is a 2 hour roundup of weird news and other such things from around the world. We also play music which could range anywhere from punk to bluegrass depending on what sort of mood we’re in that day. Lots of times you’ll hear both in the same show because we try to make things different, or off the beaten track if you will. See what I did there? Anyway the show airs from noon to 2 PM eastern time so check it out. Check out the station anyway, they’ve got something for everybody there, even those of you who like crap. Yes, we’ve got plenty of crap.

Ok, that’s it from me for now. I’ll be back when time permits with something else, not sure what that is yet though. In the meantime, read the stuff Matt wrote, then read this again. This post is so long that by the time you’ve finished it, there’ll probably be something new that you haven’t seen yet.

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MSN Log-In Names

At recent check, I have 7 people on my MSN list that have names that piss me right off. Now, before someone accuses me of being a hypocrate.. just hold on.

I’m not saying that everyon’es name should just be their first name and that’s it. That’s no fun. I don’t see any problem with someone posting a joke, a song lyric, something that happened to them or whatever as their log-in name. But come on. Using your name to tell me in no uncertain terms who you voted for in the provincial election last week is dumb. Then for the rest of the day having a name that chants for the political party like a cheap sporting event… get lost with that stuff. Keep it off my screen.

Anyway, I know most of you who know me will still say that was hypocritical and to that I’ll reply. Piss off! It’s my site and i’ll say what I wanna.


So.. This Is Blogging..

Well, been trying for a long time now to find a place to rant and rave about nothing in particular and I guess this is as good a place as any… So now you get to listen to me and Steve whine and moan about just about anything under the sun. We’re very unhappy people, y’know? Hopefully through this we can share just a little bit of that unhappiness with you and bring you down off that damn pedistol you sit on you cocky bastard!! Anyway, that’s all for now. gotta figure out how to post this,