Disarmed And Dangerous

Last Updated on: 14th February 2017, 09:05 am

Remember back when a kid got raked over the coals for having a tiny toy gun in the hands of a toy policeman? Well, now, if you decorate a hat with army men, who of course carry teeny weeny guns, you suffer a similar fate. David Morales wanted to decorate his hat with army men to be patriotic. The hat got banned because of the weeny guns. The principal actually said that if he had army men without guns, that would be fine. But how many toy soldiers don’t have guns? They’re soldiers! They have guns!

This angered the retired commander of the Rhode Island National Guard, and he came to meet with officials to tell them how ridiculous this was. He even said he would give Morales a medal for wanting to honour soldiers with his hat. So I guess it didn’t end terribly. But still, that policy is ridiculous.

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