Happy National Your Jumpy Ass Just Got Popped For Drugs Day

Last Updated on: 26th February 2017, 03:47 pm

Dear Nameless Criminal:

Next time the police see you holding a popcorn maker box and playfully wish you a happy National Popcorn Day, try playing it cool. Chances are it would work out much better than the alternative.

A man was spotted beside the street holding a popcorn maker box by officers on patrol.  They stopped to wish the man a “Happy National Popcorn Day”, which was recognized this year on Thursday, January 19.
The man immediately took off.  The officers, now suspecting the package may have been stolen, ran after the man and eventually caught up with him.

When they did, they got a bit more than they bargained for. $2700 worth of various drugs were discovered, leading to him being charged with two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The report doesn’t note whether the popcorn maker was stolen or if the box was simply a hiding place for his stash.

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