Was Everyone at Hershey On Drugs?

Yeah, this sounds like a great idea. Hershey has decided to put out a candy that looks remarkably like nickel bags of drugs. What could possibly go wrong? Hmmm. Let’s see. People could get wrongfully arrested for eating candy. Kids could accidentally get a hold of bags of drugs and swallow their contents thinking they’re […]

Horse Shit From A Different Direction

I wasn’t going to blog this, but it keeps calling me, begging to be mentioned. There’s a group home that owns 3 acres of property within the city limits. They want to have two miniature horses for therapeutic purposes. But because of some neighbours being worried about potential problems, the horses have been removed because […]

Three Wrongs Definitely Don’t Make A Right.

Wow. A few months ago, at Rhode Island Hospital, a neurosurgeon relied on his memory to know which side of a patient’s head had the problem and found out his memory wasn’t so good, and the patient died. Fast-forward to November, at the same hospital, when another neurosurgeon opens the wrong side of another patient’s […]

This Beats The Donzer Song Any Day

Oh my. I wish something like that could happen with our national anthem. I’m trying to think of what words someone could fuck up to make something nearly this amusing. Hmmm. Anybody got any ideas? Basically, Tony Henry, an English opera singer who spoke 0 Croatian, was askd to sing the Croatian national anthem at […]