Now That’s Some Hatemail

I don’t generally post other people’s hate letters but this one I found extremely amusing for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen one quite like it before. I mean sure I’ve gotten some less than positive feedback to things that I’ve written but for the most part, the person has either had a valid point or has been completely retarded. But whatever the case, you can quickly figure out which side of the fence your hater is on. Not this time. Just click here and read the flame and its accompanying article and you’ll understand.

By the way, I’m sorry that every time I tell you to click on something these days it’s always a big long link and that sometimes those big long links don’t work for some of you. I’ve only had a couple of people tell me that, but it’s a couple more than I’d like. But the blame for this doesn’t fall to me, it falls to the people at Blogger who decided a few months ago to fuck around with the way that the posting system works completely screwing it up in the process, and to Matt, who set things up so that I can’t change any site settings which means that I can’t fix the problems I’m having, which I know how to do thanks to a guy who works for the same good people who caused them in the first place.

But anyway, since Matt has almost dropped off the face of the earth, I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to get things sorted out and back to the way they should be. Thanks Matt, you douchebag. If you were looking for a good way to start some infighting, you’ve found it. Ahh infighting, some things never get old and I figure that with the site’s first birthday coming up very soon, what better time than now to bring up all of the old stuff? Besides, most of the new stuff sucks anyway so why not use the old stuff as something to fall back on?

Ok, now I’m just rambling about nothing in particular. It’s almost like Matt came back and brought some spelling and grammar skills with him. Zing!

New content coming before the long weekend, time permitting as usual. Maybe Matt will even show up and say something. How much can there possibly be to do in that town you live in my friend? From what I’ve heard from other people who live there, once you’ve been to the local coffee shop 17 or 18 times, you’ve pretty much done it all. Besides, since it’s starting to get a little colder in this part of the world, it must be too cold to go outside by now where you are.

Ok, I’m done for real this time. Honest. No seriously, I’m really going to stop writing now. This post is over. Finished. Done. I’m gone. Out of here. You won’t hear from me again until the next time you come here and see something new that has my name on it, or at least not until I respond to a comment or something.

Random Stuff

So I’ve finally got a few free minutes at work to look at some of the new stuff that BlogSpot’s got set up in the formatting of the posts. I dunno. I guess I’m impressed but they’re really made some stuff more complicated than it needed to be. Kudos for trying though.

So Steve asked me to change something in the settings for him last night and I told him I’d get to it today. Here I am, logged in and able to do it but I’ve forgotten just what the hell the whiney bitch wanted. (please don’t consider that to be “in fighting” because Steve really is a whiney bitch in all honesty.) So eventually I’ll get talking to him again and he’ll tell me what he wanted and then I won’t sign in for another 4 months and it will go undone. That’s just how things work around this place.

So I’ve got tickets to both Warped Tour and SummerSlam next weekend. It should be a great weekend, though busy. The ass hats that organized Warped Tour have once again put it up in Barrie after promising to stop doing that to us. This will be the last time Warped is held there before it moves back to the downtown Toronto area next year (although that’s what we were told last year too.) It’s not like it’s a lot further away from where I live or anything, it’s just a pain in the ass to get out to Barrie rather than just being able to see the show right downtown. Oh well, maybe next year.

This will be my first tim at Warped. I’ve been close to going the last few years but never got the chance. The last 2 years I was out of town for Goalball so I had to pass it up. It’s gonna be great. Some of the best bands in punk are on the show since it’s the Tour’s 10 year anniversary. Personally looking forward to Anti-Flag and Bad Religion. I’m going with my girlfriend so I’m sure at some point or another we’ll be stopping in to see some of the crappier, poppier bands but even that won’t be so bad.

The next night is SummerSlam. I still have no idea who I talked her in to going to that but somehow I did. We have tickets in the 12th row. We actually have an extra one as someone I know has backed out but I’m sure we won’t have a problem filling that seat. I know lots of wrestling fans. It’s just a question of finding one who’s not busy on that night.

Well I really only did this post just for something to do and I have nothing left to say at the moment so I guess I’ll get outta here for now.


I don’t Think So Buddy

Ok, so after seeing Matt try to save this relationship, I too decided to take Karine’s advice and use the Bitch Letter Generator to respond. Matt, you need to realize that this is over and there’s nothing you can do about it, unless somebody can come up with a program that can generate something really nice.

Dear, Worthless Penis

I’ve been putting up with your crap for months, and, unable to verbalize my
feelings in a manner in which you would understand, put the matter
aside until I could conjur up a more focused thought to bear.

In a nutshell, you are worthless.

And another thing, If you ever want to listen to another fucking Howlin’ Wolf record,
then you’d better stop leaping out of the goddamn closet and freaking me out, or
I’ll sell you into slavery. Not that you’ll be any good.


your ever loving dominator

I’m Sorry

In response to Steve’s earlier attempt to break up with me (creepy), I have used Karine’s suggestion of using the Apology Note Generator to try and win him back. (the link for this is in the comment board of “Love Gone Wrong”

Dear, Snuggems,

I’m prepared to take my own life for neglecting to be sensitive to your mood. I was on my knees worshipping your shrine,
and thought I’d ask Dave to help me with it tomorrow.

So I’m sitting in the dark, waiting to die, hoping you don’t emasculate me. Please cut it off now, or I’ll do it myself.
My grandma can accept me, why can’t you?

That guy

Love Gone Wrong

Since I’m all about helping you guys out whenever possible, I thought I would pass on a link to something that I’m sure at one time or another we all wish we had. Hell, maybe some of you could use it at this very moment. So if you’re looking to get rid of that pesky significant other in your life, why not click on over to
The Breakup Letter Generator
and have it take care of them for you. All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself and the bastard you’re kickin to the curb and the program will provide you with the perfect kissoff note.

As an example, let’s just say that Matt and I were together and I was wanting to break up with him. The letter might go something like this.

Dear Matt,

Writing this letter is painful, but necessary. By now, you might have noticed that I have left, and I’m not coming back. Don’t feel responsible. We just
weren’t right for one another. Besides, my history of bed wetting prevents me from committing to a serious relationship and you deserve better.

You deserve someone who appreciates all of your special qualities, especially the obnoxious way you scarf down two pints of Ben and Jerry’s while watching
Friends. Even though we’re no longer together, we’ll always have our memories. I’ll never forget the time you made me lie about my religion to your parents.

They say that time heals all wounds, and I hope that soon, you will be able to speak coherently to a person of the opposite gender. When this time comes,
I hope we will be living in different state institutions.

Gotta run,


“There was an article on ProWrestling.Com and on many other pro wrestling insider sites that reported that Ticket Master had an event for people to order
tickets from. This wasn’t just an ordinary event as it was lated as: “WCW New Year’s Evil.” Now, to what I’m aware of, the WWE isn’t planning a return
of the WCW ‘brand’. Plans do change, of course, as it is the WWE that we’re talking about here.
What do you guys think of this?”

Well Nick, I did hear about that but right now I’m not reading all that much into it because like you said, plans change. I think it might have been a listing that we weren’t supposed to see that somehow found it’s way onto the site, and that it could have been an indication of where future storylines were going. I’m not so sure about that anymore, since to properly build up a show like that would require a few months, and if they were aiming for the 31st of December, they don’t have that kind of time anymore. Is the listing even still there? Perhaps they took it down since I haven’t heard anything about it since it was first discovered.

It’s also entirely possible that some small promotion decided to try to use the WCW name to draw publicity. I know it sounds stupid but it’s not outside of what could be considered impossible. People have done some seriously dumb things in the name of getting themselves some recognition.

As for your comment about it not being the end of the world if Matt doesn’t get me anything for Christmas, I hope you’re joking. I would like to inform you that it would in fact cause the end of all civilization as we know it here on our little section of space if I were not to be given something from him. For the sake of yourself and those you care about, you’d better hope against all hope that he gets me something and more than that, that I actually like it.

I Won’t Be Mad If You Don’t Read This

Well good day, all. I’ll warn you all right now I have nothing of any importance to say at this point in the day and I’m really only posting cuz I haven’t done fuck all around here to help Steve out and he’s been doing an admirable job. And to avoid infighting I figured I would throw some stuff up here too. Let’s begin.

First. I would suggest that you all go and check out if you’re really bored. I say that because while it is humourous and neat to see… it really isn’t something to time out of a busy day to do. I mean I found it by going to so I mean it must be there for a reason. The more I think about it you people must not have very busy days if you’re able to come here and read crap like this… but we thank you.

Saturday night I ate at Planet Hollywood for the first time in a few years. You remember how huge the concept was and you would wait hours and hours to get in because it was “the place to be”? Uh huh. Well not now. No line-up, empty restaurant, and sub-par fries. Now I suppose it could have just been this particular restaurant but I was less than excited while I was in there. When these places were huge a while back it was because you believed that when you went in there was a good chance you may an actual celeb. It didn’t have to be a huge name, but you’d probably see someone. Well we sat beside a cardboard cut-out of Richard Simmons. YA!!!!!. I’ll tell ya somethin’ else too. It’s hard to eat looking at that! Anyway, it was a neat idea while it lasted but it seems that the trend has warn off and is really nothing more than just another theme restaurant. I was kinda hoping I’d see this site’s resident celeb, Karine, there but no such luck. Oh sure. You may not know her too well right now but I would say within months you won’t be able to turn around without seeing Karine’s picture on billboards everywhere. You just wait.

Tonight the Leafs will host the Mario-less Penguins at the ACC. I admire what Mario is trying to do by keeping the team in Pittsburgh but honestly pal, it’s time to hang’em up. If you’re no longer able to play every game than it’s not fair to the rest of the team you’re trying to save cuz they never have any idea what their roster will look like. Also not fair to the fans of Pittsburgh and around the league. While Mario is trying his hardest to keep a team there for the Penguin fans to cheer, he’s also kinda screwing with their heads. When the season schedule came out I looked ahead to see when Mario would be coming to T.O. because I figured this would be his last season and I’d never seen him live before. For one reason or another I never bought the tickets and now I’m glad I did. I know I’m not the only hockey fan who would pick the Pittsburgh game over another “high powered team” to go to just to get to see Mario. The guy’s a superstar but for those who did book the tickets, they’re now stuck with a ticket to see possibly the worst team in the Eastern Conference with its only superstar out of the line-up. It’s one thing when a guy gets hurt. It’s quite another when the guy has no intention of playing every game. It just kinda bugs me.

Well, that’s probably good for now. I won’t sign this one with “More Later” like I did yesterday as yesterday I never ended up writing anything else.

ONe last thing, quickly. Yesterday was our second highest day in terms of hits and there are a lot of people who keep returning. We’re glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for supporting us. Make sure you check out the links over there on the right as some of them lead to others who are helping us out to. Much love to those people.

Keep Hope Alive

Sharin The Love

Just wanted to quickly mention a couple of people, and it’s even in a positive way this time!

First, our friend
Armagideon Time
seems to have his own blog thing going on. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s Nintendo, check it out!

Another guy who needs some thanking is
Roland G.
Thanks for the link in the column man, and thanks much for the link on the blog too. You didn’t have to do that, and it’s very much appreciated. Your links are coming, just as soon as the posting system will allow.

And thanks also to everybody who’s been visiting this site, linking to it, telling people about it and even stumbling on it by accident and never coming back, but I’m sure that never happens. We did our highest day ever yesterday, yea for us! I’m glad people are enjoying the site, it makes dealing with some of the goofy comment stuff and having to work alongside that backstabbing arsehole Matt seem worth it. Yeah Matt, that’s right, you and me, an infight at the playground after school! You’d better show up this time, sissy! Man that joke never gets old. It’s almost as fun as passing off other people’s work as your own.

Enemies, Mr Shmoe, A Russian Retard & MORE!!

It seems that my newest enemy, Steve, and my oldest enemy, let’s call her… EVIL HUMANIZED have united lately in a movement to shatter my ego. Well, let me say this! The two of you have much work ahead of you to smash THIS ego. I’m not sure at what point Steve and I actually BECAME enemies. It seems that decision was made for us but rest assured friend. You’re in for a war. I now consider you to be on the same level as things like Oprah, Big Show work-rate, our friend Chris, pineapple juice and other things that plague my life. You join elite company.

Just thought I’d pass on yet another reminder of tonight’s Joe Shmoe Show finale on Spike TV. You’d better be watching or …. uhh… hmmm. This threatening stuff is hard. Moving on.

As I said late last night. I went to see the Leafs/Thrashers game. Was actually a good game but it provided a unique experience. I was able to see the player who is right now probably my favourite in the league and the player that is BY FAR the guy I hate most in the league.

Yup. Gary Roberts vs Ilya Kovalchuk. I’m sure most of you can guess which is which but for those of you who suffer from an exceptionally intense case of IDIOCY I’ll specify. Roberts Good. Kovalchuk Not As Good. Roberts is a complete hockey player through and through. He hits, passes, scores, makes good plays along the boards, goes in to the corners and will stand up for his team mates if he has to. Now let me make this very, very clear for all of you. Kovalchuk is GARBAGE! Yup, pure Russian trash. (before I move on I’ll say I don’t believe all Russians are trash, I simply used Russian as an adjective, there’s Canadian trash out there too! believe me, saw most of it last night at ACC)

The guy’s a goddamn hot dog. At the World Junior’s two years ago his Russian team was up 8-0 on a young French time who was just there for experience. Kovalchuk scores a goal to make it 9-0 and dances and celebrates tauntingly like he has just scored the Stanley Cup winning goal. A few nights ago he scored on an empty net to insure a win for his team and instead of having some dignity and respect for the other team, he drops to one knee and slides along the ice pumping his fst. What the HELL is that? It’s an empty net you retard and the game was already over. Now you’re just trying to embarass the other team. I can’t wait until someone like Todd Bertuzzi or Rob Blake absolutely staples that guy to the boards after pulling some shit like that on their home rink. Stuff like that pisses me.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be back later with some more Hallowe’en Countdown and we’ll see what else. Don’t forget to tune in to Steve’s radio show today!! The link’s over there on the right.

What? Oh I guess I promised “MORE!!!” up there in the title, didn’t i? Wel tough! I’m tired you greedy pricks. I need some me time.

Have A Good One

A Good Night, A Bad Night, Some Dumb Shit So Let’s All Fight

Well I just got back from the Leaf game, and what do I see? Idiocy on the boards! Had a great time at the Leaf game but having to come back to this sours me quite quickly.

But.. I don’t have much to say on it. Steve handled pretty much everything that needed to be said, and did it quite well. No need for me to repeat him or step on what he’s said. That may cause INFIGHTING!!!

I’ll say this though. Would be wise for our friend to keep in mind what I told him about the ability to block people from the message board. It’s 2 clicks away. I’ll leave at that and just say good work to my partner, Jim.

As I said, I spent tonight in T.O. at the Air Canada Center watching the Leafs and Thrashers. Was a great game despite the Leafs losing in overtime. Although, by all right the Leafs should have been out of it long before then but as usual, Uncle Eddie kept them in it. And the O.T. goal was beautiful with Savard goin’ roof-daddy on Belfour. He really didn’t have a chance.

Enough of that. I was overwhelmed of the pool of human ignorance that is downtown Toronto. Everyone feeling that they need to be the first ones to their seats. Something wrong when my 10 year old cousin gets cut off and run in to by two 40 year old steaming piles of… well you get it. And ya if either of you two are reading. You shouldn’t have been surprised that I didn’t walk around when you stopped right in front of me after hittin’ my cousin. Kinda sucks to get absolutely crushed by someone bigger than you, doesn’t it? You better be careful. The next 10 year old you cut off may just kick your ass! 10 year olds these days are total bad-asses.

Thanks to Steve’s friend for the fun Hallowe’en stuff. You’re all more than welcome to contribute with things like that. It shakes things up a bit.

Jim, prepare for BEHIND THE SCENES BATTLES! Inside jokes are mine and mine alone! And I think we need to find this source he’s using. We have a mole amongst us. We’ll find him, Jim. We’ll find him.