No, I didn’t forget the Christmas Wrap-Up. Here It Is

So here it is, February 5th and I’m finally writing the post I always do about our holidays. Although horribly late, it’s not as late as it seems because we only finished having get-togethers 3 weeks ago. Why? Because weather and circumstances are evil. We had the best plan ever. We were going to spread […]

If He Was Hoping To Get Screwed, I Don’t Know Why He’s Complaining

A man in Oregon who’s name was not provided so we’ll just call him Dumbass found himself short a set of clothes, a wallet and a phone after they were stolen from his motel room during a Tinder date that went wrong before it really even started. Police say the man had been communicating with […]

Will Alternative Facts Still Be Lies When It’s Impossible To Tell The Difference?

So it looks like not only are we going to have to worry about digitally fabricated realistic sounding audio when trying to separate fact from fiction, but soon enough we’ll have digitally fabricated facial expressions to contend with as well. Great. One research paper published last year by professors at Stanford University and the University […]

I’m Either Extremely Shortsighted Or I’ve Just Found One Of The Dumbest Blind Person Helping Apps In History

Based on some of the devices and apps that folks create for us, there must be a lot I don’t know about blind people. the latest example of this is my ignorance as to why exactly this would be necessary for one of us who is over the age of about five. DayNight is designed […]