>Society’s quest to cram everything imaginable into a time-saving box has taken another step forward with the release of theBatter Blaster.Yes, pancakes in a spray can. Add somepre-cracked eggs in a milk carton,and you’ve got yourself a true breakfast of champions. I’m not sure what’s more distressing, the idea of spraying an aerosol can over […]

The War Of The Moral Compass And the Golden Compass

Why does this thing I read in Snopes demand to be put up? It doesn’t surprise me, not in the least, but every time the logical part of me says it doesn’t need to be talked about, another part of me screams that it does. There’s apparently a movie coming out in December called the […]

Spineless Robber May Have Less Of A Spine Now

Wow. I’m sure the robber in this story wasn’t expecting to be shot in the neck by a 75-year-old blind man. I’m wondering if the shooter was Carey McWilliams’ grandfather. I guess that blind man was a good shot. The shootee is in serious condition with a bullet lodged close to his spine and they […]