I Have An Emergency! I Seem To Be All Out Of Brain Cells!

Ahh, the people with whom we share this world. Chatham, Ont. police unveil silliest 911 calls of 2011. Yes, all of these are from one town. A town which, it should be pointed out, is in the same general area where you should probably just say no to the holiday punch. 1. A woman called […]

I’ve Been Poisoned By A Sub, So Here Are A Few Jokes To Save Me Doing Anything Difficult

To get you ready for Christmas, here are a few jokes that have nothing to do with Christmas. Thanks to everybody who sends these to me and to me for finding the ones you don’t send. I promise I’ll get better at posting these…for real this time. *Just asked a Scottish friend of mine how […]

Thought Explosions About #SpikeMobileCCC and other things.

Here comes another monster o thoughts. While I’m doing the laundry, I might as well write a blog post. This whole being out of town part time thing has taught me that I suck at time-management. I was always able to get by since I had lots of flexibility to get stuff done. I didn’t […]

I Won the Right to Save Some Bills, I Saw Some Bills And Quickly Try To Save My Radio Sanity

Just a couple of small things I forgot to mention/didn’t know I’d be mentioning while I was brain dumping away yesterday. The WWE pay-per-view prediction contest I’ve mentioned here and there is over. And in an act completely uncharacteristic of me, I won! I managed to keep the 2 point lead I had going into […]

Hello, 911? We Wouldn’t Like To Report A Robbery, But We’re Too Stupid Not To

Reason 17392 why you A: never program 911 into your cellphone contacts and B: always lock the aforementioned cellphone: If you knock off a Target to the tune of some DVDs and video games and then want to brag about it while you’re getting away, the getaway might suddenly become much more difficult than you […]